Newbold Baptist Church - Zoom Sunday Morning Meeting - 4th Oct 2020

This morning's message: 1 Corinthians 1 & Revelation 3 - Andy McCulloch

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Worship song from service

My Soul Follows Feat. Travis Greene - David & Nicole Binion (Official Live Video)

Feat. Travis Greene

My heart and flesh cry out
For You, the Living God
I ask no more than this
To see the Living God

My soul
Follows after You
After You
Oh, my soul
Follows after You

Oh what a lovely home
You have prepared for me
Here in Your love Iíll stay
Through all eternity

Better is one day
Than thousands without You
Iíd trade a thousand
For one day beside You

Just like a deer thirsts for the water
I will follow, I will follow
Just like children dance with their father
I will follow, I will follow
You take the lead, Iíll stay in Your shadow
I will follow, I will follow
My yesterdays, today and tomorrows
I will follow, I will follow





Credit: Amanda McCulloch



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