Jesus said "I am The Resurrection and The Life"

Jesus said "I AM ..." - THE RESURRECTION AND THE LIFE - John 11:25

'DEATH is the ultimate statistic one out of one dies * This is what Bertrand Russell said about the great taboo subject of death As we celebrate Easter again, it's good to remember Jesus' words 'I am the resurrection and the life He who believes in me will live, even though he dies' (John 11 25)

This is the basis of Christian assurance in the face of death Jesus' fnend Lazarus is dead He comes to console the grieving sisters Mary and Martha


Martha was shattered by her brother's death, and Jesus' failure to save him 'If you had been here, my brother would not have died' ( 21) Being a busy practical person, she held the orthodox Jewish belief in resurrection However, Jesus sought to make the faith personal, by pointing to himself 'Do you believe this ?'' (v 26)

What is your own view of death ?


Mary's different temperament left her at home being consoled by friends When Jesus found her weeping, he himself wept (v 35) This reminds us that Jesus fully understands, and cares about our sorrows and sadness.

How can we, help those who are facing loss in their own lives ?


Even though dead for four days Lazarus was raised from death by Jesus (v 43) He demonstrates his power over the grave and the authenticity of his claim to be the 'Resurrection and the Life'' This was finally proved when Jesus rose from the dead himself

How can this story help somebody face up to death ?