Tuesday 28th November 2017 - Bible verse:
Isaiah 52:13-53:12 Suffering For Us by Richard Cowling

This section of Isaiah is normally associated with Easter, and yet we need to remember that Easter is the reason we have Christmas. Jesus came with his whole life fixed towards one goal; the cross! Jesus came into the world knowing he was to die for all people.

Again we read how he is a tender shoot out of dry ground. We read how he would not have been the most physically attractive man so that people would have been attracted to his handsomeness. We know because of his family he would not have had great wealth for people to be attracted to his money. He was just a carpenter/builder and so not really noticed in the street.

Yet he became a man of suffering, never having a place to lay his head. He was pierced for our transgressions and crushed for our iniquities, receiving the turmoil and punishment so we can have peace. He was beaten so much, his face was beyond recognition as he was put up on the cross. He was crucified between two criminals, and then placed in a rich manís tomb.

However, because he poured out his life for us, he is now sat at the right hand of God. He will see his offspring; those who are born of the Spirit.

Thank you God for Christmas, thank you Jesus that you came and that you fixed your eyes on the cross. You knew what you had to do and you never backed down through the pain and the suffering. Thank you Jesus that you took my sin and that it is nailed to the cross. All because you came! Amen

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