Tuesday 26th March 2019 - Daily Reading:
1 Samuel 14:1-23 - The King that Never Was by Becky Brooks

We read last week how Saulís disobedience cost his descendants the throne of Israel, and today we see what a loss that was. The young Jonathan is clearly brave, skilled and, most importantly, he trusts in the Lord.

While Saul is resting under a fruit tree, and demonstrably not getting on with the job of dealing with the Philistines in the land, Jonathan, with only his spear and his armour bearer, sets out in faith to obey God. Jonathan understood that the battle would belong to the Lord, and that numbers alone would not be the deciding factor. Eventually, Saul does act, but only after he has seen the results of Jonathanís bravery.

There are times when God calls us to be patient and wait on him, and there are times when he calls us to action. This was one of those times. Jonathan knew what action God wanted, and he didnít let the inaction of others discourage him.

Sometimes, as Christians, we can become frustrated if others donít seem to share our vision, or feel the same passion to act as we do. Yet if God has called us to action, it is important that we obey him, even if others donít seem to want to come with us. Has God called you to pray? Then pray! Has God called you to be his witness? Then witness! Donít wait around for others to start to move. Be like Jonathan and trust in the Lord. It may be that those others will join you once they see what God is doing, or it may be that they are responding to their own call from God to do something different. Whatís important is your own obedience and faith.

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