Midweek Meetings

Last night at the Midweek Meeting, we started to take a look in the book of James, and in particular at what James has to say about being double-minded.

We then went into groups and discussed: What does is mean to be double minded? How can we avoid being double minded? Which areas in our lives do we need to die to self? Are we willing to die to self in those areas of our lives?

Next Wednesday we will be continuing in the book of James, and will be taking a look at 'Finding Joy in the midst of Trials.' If you don't currently attend a midweek meeting and would like to come and join us... 8.00pm at church for an 8.15pm start.


10th May 2017


Tonight, we continued in James Chapter 1 and delved into what it really means to "find joy in our trials". We considered God's will and why we have to face trials.

We discussed how a transformed and renewed mind with an eternal perspective can help us through difficult times and better understand why the Bible tells us to actually take joy in them!

We ended with a time of prayer and testimonies from people who found joy amidst their trials and God's faithfulness throughout those times.

Next Wednesday we'll be following on with "Listening and Doing" so come join us.

All are welcome, meet at church 8pm for refreshments then 8:15pm start.

God Bless!


17th May 2017


In view of the events in Manchester last night, the Wednesday Evening Midweek Meeting will have a week off from James tomorrow and will have a time of prayer. We will be praying specifically for:

We will meet as usual at 8pm. If you are free to come along and join with us in prayer, please do!

Thanks, Richard

23rd May 2017