Newbold Baptist Church - McCullochs - A different Sunday morning - Sunday 22nd March 2020

Newbold Baptist Church - McCullochs - Sunday morning

Church looked different for us this morning but we have been thankful for so many things this week it was so easy to worship our Father God - who knows the end from the beginning, who sees all and knows all, who is our comforter in times of trouble, who promises us that he will cover us with his feathers, who is the protective shadow that we abide under, who is our rock, our refuge, our fortress and our strength.

Thankful that God's design for us is that we are living stones making up a church of life, faith and action and that our God is the corner stone, holding us all into position. Praying that this week we will be at our saltiest and lightiest bringing hope and truth to our confused and fearful communities. Knowing that we know the one who delivers us.



Credit: Amanda McCulloch



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