Tuesday 21st June 2016 - Daily Reading:
Psalm 40 - A New Song

There is so much that could be said about this wonderful Psalm. Here is David, full of praise for the God that heard his cry, lifted him out of the pit and set his feet upon a rock. Many of us could echo his words.

And then he says this: “He put a new song in my mouth, a hymn of praise to our God”.

When we meet together to worship God, we sing many songs. Some we might prefer to others! Some speak of God’s power, some of his faithfulness, some of our response to him. We are thankful that God has gifted wordsmiths and musicians over the centuries to give us the songs to sing in praise of his glory.

But what is the ‘new song’ that God has put in your mouth? When you look back over your own testimony of God’s work in your life, what are the words of praise that spill out from your own heart?

There is much to be said for singing songs that others have written, but, as David did, sometimes we need to sing the song that God has put in our mouths; that personal response to God’s goodness and mercy in our own lives.

Maybe you are feeling daunted by the thought of this. You might be thinking “I’m not a musician or a songwriter! How can I sing a new song?” Don’t worry – you do not have to be the next Charles Wesley or Matt Redman! Start simple. Next time you are listening to some worship music alone, try singing along. When the song finishes, or if there is some instrumental music, try speaking out your own words of praise to God. Maybe even try singing a few words. If you begin to feel brave, you could try it in church too.

Allow the songs of others to be just the starting point for your own hymn of praise to God. Ask the Lord to put a new song in your mouth today!

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