Monday 11th July 2016 - Daily Reading:
Psalm 37 - The Desires of Your Heart

In Matthew 6:25-34, we get that well known passage, titled in many bibles as 'Do not worry'. Jesus is talking, and he is saying to those listening that you don't need to worry about food, drink or clothing. What we need to ensure we are doing in our lives is 'seeking first the kingdom of God and his righteousness, and all these things (food, drink, clothing) will be given to you as well.'

Psalm 37 also starts off with "Do not fret..." Don't fret or worry because of evil men, or don't be envious of those who do wrong... why? Because soon enough they will wither away. The psalmist, David, then goes on to give some advice on what will help us from fretting and worrying. He says in the psalm "Trust in the Lord and do good", "Delight yourself in the Lord", "Commit your ways to the Lord", "Be still before the Lord" and "Refrain from anger". This is all helpful advice from David that will help us from worrying. Perhaps there is something in that list of things that you need to spend more time doing. Perhaps you need to trust in the Lord more? Spend time delighting yourself in the Lord? Committing your ways to the Lord? Perhaps you don't spend enough time being still before the Lord? Maybe you are getting angry about the things that are going on in your life, and you need to refrain from anger?

Today, I want to focus more on Psalm 37:4. It says "Delight yourself in the Lord and he will give you the desires of your heart." What exactly does that mean for us? What does it mean to delight yourself in the Lord? And does that mean, if I delight myself in the Lord, he will give me exactly what I want... the desires of my heart? To take delight means to spend precious time with, to be close to, to get to know more about. And so if we are taking delight in the Lord, it is exactly that! Spending precious time with the Lord, getting to be close with the Lord, getting to know more about the Lord and his ways! So, according to Psalm 37, if we do this, God will give us the desires of our heart and the things that we want?

Not exactly... what I believe it means is, as we spend time with the Lord, and as we get to know his will, then God's desires will become our desires. God's plans and purposes will become our plans and purposes. And so, as our will lines up with the will of God, then God will give us the desires of our hearts.

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