Wednesday 2nd May 2018 - Daily Reading:
Psalm 145 - From Generation to Generation by Becky White

This whole psalm is a wholehearted expression of praise to our almighty God. Before you go ahead and read this short devotional, I challenge you to return to the psalm and, if you are able, read it aloud. If you love to sing, sing it aloud! Begin this time with God with a declaration of praise to him!

Letís just look at some of the words David uses to describe God. He is great, worthy, mighty, glorious, gracious, compassionate, good, trustworthy, faithful, and righteous.

David also list Godís actions that prove these descriptions. He has compassion, his dominion endures, he upholds those who fall, he provides food and satisfies desires, he is near to all who call on him, he hears our cries, watches over us and saves us.

Godís kingdom is everlasting. His rule will last for all generations. In the same way, our praise of God should go from generation to generation. As long as God is God, he is worthy of praise! Each generation tells the next about God, and in every generation, the faithful will praise him.

Letís take our responsibility seriously. Each generation has the opportunity to tell the next about the mighty acts of God, and to lead them into his praise. David says that we can speak about God, meditate on him, proclaim his deeds, celebrate his goodness and joyfully sing. Praise is an active thing, not something that just Ďhappensí. Letís get active, both in praising God and telling others of his greatness.

Meditation verse: The Lord is near to all who call on him, to all who call on him in truth.

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