Wednesday 18th April 2018 - Daily Reading:
Psalm 135 - Praise the Lord! by Becky White

Psalm 135 is a psalm of praise and it follows the format of many other praise psalms. It begins with an instruction or invitation to “Praise the Lord”, and goes on, from verse 3, to give reasons why God is to be praised.

The Psalms give us a very clear context for our worship of God. We always see that the reason for praising God is because of the nature of God himself, and the mighty works he has done.

We are never given the idea in the Psalms that praising God is about how we feel on any given day, or whether we’re in the mood, or whether things are going well in our lives. Rather our praise of God is our response to his nature, his works and his faithfulness towards us.

Here the psalmist reminds the people that they should praise God because he is good, because he has chosen them and made them his own, and because he is greater than any other god or anything in all of creation. In fact, he is the creator, in control of creation, sending clouds, lightning, wind and rain as he pleases. This is God’s nature, or character, and is always worthy of praise.

Then the Israelites are reminded of another reason to praise God: the mighty works he has done. He has saved them from slavery in Egypt through miracles, signs and wonders, and has brought them through trials into the promised land.

However we might feel on one particular day, or whatever is going on in our lives, God is worthy of praise, both because of his eternal nature, and because of the mighty things he has done in history, and in our own lives.

Praise the Lord!

Meditation verse: Your name, Lord, endures forever, your renown, Lord, through all generations.

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