Thursday 15th March 2018 - Daily Reading:
Psalm 127 - God the Master Builder by Becky White

Take a moment to think of the greatest blessings in your life right now. How many of them come as wonderful gifts from God? All of them?

Psalm 127 speaks of a God who constantly looks to provide for and bless his people. We might work hard to better ourselves, to earn more money and buy more things, to achieve success, but unless the Lord is at the heart of all we do, all of our work is in vain. It is from God himself that we receive our greatest blessings.

Verse 2 needs to be seen in this context. It is not suggesting that we donít need to bother working because God will provide for us. On the contrary, it is emphasising the pointlessness of grafting away at something that God has no hand in. We must work, but our work must be Kingdom-focused, wholly for his glory and not with an eye to our own gain.

What blessings can we earn for ourselves? The approval of others? A promotion? A pay rise? A bigger house, faster car or smarter phone? Would we seriously abandon the blessings that God gives us for any of these things? We would be foolish if we did.

There is much that can go wrong when building a house. The foundations must be secure; the angles must be exact; each brick must be laid just so. One false move early on and the whole building can end up unstable and dangerous. As Christians, we can leave our house-building to the Master Builder. It is the Lord who knows best how our lives should be built. We get the best results when we trust in him and follow his blueprint.

Let us work hard, but let us look to build his Kingdom and not our own so that we might receive all the good things he has in his hand for us.

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