Tuesday 13th March 2018 - Daily Reading:
Psalm 125 - Safe and Sound Due by Becky White

If we were to try to think of things that are firm and unshakeable, a mountain would be a pretty good start. In Psalm 125, the Psalmist compares those who trust in the Lord to Mount Zion, which cannot be shaken.

Mount Zion was not the highest mountain in the Jerusalem area. The city is surrounded by other, higher mountains, such as the Mount of Olives. Any raised area is a good place for a fortress, but a mountain surrounded by other mountains is particularly safe from attack.

In this Psalm, the people who trust in God are Mount Zion, and the Lord is the other mountains, surrounding Mount Zion and protecting it from attack. The Lord stops attacks from defeating us completely, even though we may experience temporary hardships.

We have a responsibility too – to ensure that we are included in those who “trust in the Lord”. The protection is there. The mountains of safety are there, but we must choose to dwell within them, and not wander away on our own paths. We can choose to live faithfully, or go our own way, living sinful lives. There is a strong warning in verse 5 about those who put themselves outside of the Lord’s protection.

May we choose to live every day within the shelter that the Lord offers, trusting in him, leaning on him and protected by him.

Meditation verse: As the mountains surround Jerusalem, so the Lord surrounds his people both now and forevermore.

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