Wednesday 7th March 2018 - Daily Reading:
Psalm 121 - Lift Up Your Eyes by Becky White

The familiar words of this Psalm have been of comfort to believers for generations. It is a reminder to us that our help comes not from within ourselves, or even from the people around us, but from God himself.

And who is this God who helps us? He is none other than the Maker of heaven and earth. With this mighty God as our help, what shall we fear?

Do you ever feel as though nobody really knows what you are going through? As though nobody truly understands your situation? Be encouraged that the Maker of heaven and earth is watching over you, and he does not clock off, not even to sleep.

On the contrary, he watches over all of your life, all of your comings and goings. When the journey through our lives seems a rocky one, he will not let our feet slip on the stones that appear in our way. When the sun threatens to scorch us, he will be our shade; when the darkness closes in around us, he will be our light.

He is our shield and protector, day and night, both now and forevermore. What a wonderful promise!

So think today about where you will turn your eyes. Donít look down at your own feet, which are likely to stumble and trip, or behind to your past which may haunt you, or ahead at the difficulties you see in front of you, which are likely to make you feel discouraged and defeated, or at the people around you, who are only human and will not have all the answers.

Instead, lift up your eyes today; turn them towards the Lord, your Maker, your Saviour and your King!

Meditation verse: My help comes from the Lord, the Maker of heaven and earth.

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