Tuesday 27th Feb 2018 - Daily Reading:
Psalm 115 - “Where is Their God?” by Becky White

You can almost imagine the mocking tone of the question, “Where is their God?” It’s a question we might still hear today. Where was God when this tragedy happened? Where was God when this person fell sick? Where was God in the pain, the trials and the troubles?

The Psalmist answers the question by turning it around. Where is the God of the mockers? Their gods are man-made things that they can hold in their hands – they can neither see, hear nor speak. They can do nothing to help their servants.

People might wonder where God is and what he is doing, but we can all be certain that the gods of this age – money, fame, success and whatever else people chase after – can do nothing to save a person.

Our God is in heaven as the psalmist says. He does as he pleases – his actions are his own and he is not at the beck and call of anybody else. We do not command God or demand things of God, but even if we don’t always fully understand his ways, we can be sure that he is there, he is alive and he is working.

More than that, we can be sure that he is our “help and shield” and that he “remembers and will bless us”. God never forgets his people. We may sometimes wonder at God’s purposes and plans, but we can be certain that he is living and active. Our help, if we need it, will come from nowhere else.

The psalmist encourages the people to trust in God because there is nobody and nothing else that is worthy of that trust. He is deserving of our praise both now and forevermore.

Meditation verse: May the Lord cause you to flourish, both you and your children. May you be blessed by the Lord, the maker of heaven and earth.

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