Monday 26th Feb 2018 - Daily Reading:
Psalm 114 - Free to be a Slave! by Becky White

After a long break, we return once again to the Psalms, beginning with this short Passover Psalm which remembers God’s miraculous intervention on behalf of his people when he rescued them from slavery in Egypt.

The Psalm remembers not only that God delivered the Israelites from Egypt, but also that he provided for them in the wilderness (verse 8) and that he delivered them across the Jordan river into the promised land (verse 3).

Yet Psalm 114 shows us that there was more to Israel’s deliverance from slavery than just their escape and their new lives. We are told that when Israel left Egypt, the nation became both the “sanctuary” and the “dominion” of God.

The word ‘sanctuary’ means a set-apart or holy place. There are times in the history of the Israelites where God tells them to make a sanctuary, or says that he will establish his sanctuary among them, but Psalm 114 says that the people themselves became God’s sanctuary, his living temples, set apart for him.

At the same time, they became his kingdom or dominion. God is king over all creation, but this describes a special relationship with the Israelites. If they were to be his sanctuary, then they must also be his kingdom. If they were to receive the privileges of God, they must also submit to his Lordship.

In the same way, when God delivered us from slavery to sin, he delivered us into something else. He gave us freedom to choose to serve him, to become slaves to righteousness, to become set apart, to become part of the kingdom of God. Let us choose to serve him every day!

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