Monday 27th November 2017 - Bible verse: Micah 5
A Mighty Man from Humble Beginnings by Richard Cowling

Here in Micah we read how a ruler will be born in Bethlehem, one whose origins are from old and ancient times. Jesus as a man is born at a specific time and yet was there at the creation of the world.

He comes to shepherd his flock on the strength of the LORD and the majesty of the name of the LORD. Jesus brings those he leads security and peace, and yet those who are against him will face a different end.

Jesus came knowing the end from the beginning, knowing that when he returns then he will come to gather his flock and destroy those who are not part of his flock. God will destroy everything that is against Him, all witchcraft and idols, all cities and strongholds and all nations that do not obey him.

As we get closer to Christmas and start to see all the lovely pictures of the meek and mild baby Jesus in the manger, we remember that he came to earth and had to be born where the animals slept, and to a carpenter and a young lady. We find it easy to remember the gentle, peaceful, humble Jesus. Yet we also need to remember why he came.

He came to the lowly and poor, not just financially but in Spirit. He came to lead people to the Father, so that when the day of his return comes we can be counted amongst his flock and not the nations of disobedience.

When he does come again it will be too late.

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