Monday 1st July 2019 - Daily Reading:
Matthew 9:18-38 Restorer - by Becky Brooks

Jesus restores Jairusí daughter to life. He restores the woman whose lifeblood was ebbing away. He restores sight to two blind men. He restores speech to a man who was dumb.

We know that Matthew chooses carefully which incidents from Jesusí life to report. We also know that he groups them together in themes, rather than telling them in time order as they happened. Here, the theme is restoration.

These healing miracles of Jesus, like many others, reveal deeper truths about his nature and his kingdom. He restores life, both literally and spiritually. He restores sight, both literally and spiritually. He opens our mouths so that we can share the good news, and sing out a song of praise to our Lord.

When Jesus sees something broken, dirty or shameful, he does not shy away from it. He is not made unclean by touching unclean things. Instead, he makes the unclean clean again. He overcomes death, defeat, sickness, impurity and shame, and restores us completely. He can eat with sinners and not join them in their sin. He can touch those with contagious diseases and not become infected. He can speak to death and banish it. He is our only hope for restoration. No other could do what Jesus did, or offer what Jesus can offer.

We live in a world that is desperately in need of restoration, and we are Jesusí eyes, mouths and hands in that world. May we boldly declare the good news with the compassion and authority that he demonstrated.

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