Monday 11th June 2018 - Daily Reading:
Matthew 8:5-13, Luke 7:1-10 - Totally Reliant on Jesus by Barbara Allen

Hearing of the miracles Jesus had performed, a Roman centurion asked the elders of the Jews to approach Jesus on behalf of his servant who was close to death.

This man would undoubtedly have been brought up a pagan, trained in the arts of war and placed in Palestine to enforce the rule of the emperor; not your usual follower of Jesus, but a man who recognised true power and authority. In humility he says he isn’t worthy to have Jesus come under his roof and declared, “Only speak a word and my servant will be healed.”

Scripture tells us that when Jesus heard this, he marvelled and went on to commend the centurion, saying he had great faith and that he had not seen such faith in all of Israel.

When faced with difficult and heart-rending circumstances, do we flounder about looking for worldly or common sense solutions, or do we reach out in humility to the one with true power and authority, knowing he is the only answer to all our needs? Are we totally reliant upon him in each area of our lives?

I know I fall short – how about you? We all need to dig deeper into Jesus and have greater trust in him.

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