Tuesday 15th November 2016 - Daily Reading:
Matthew 7:24-29 - The Wise Builder and the Foolish Builder by Karen Cowling

In this section of scripture Jesus has just told us that we are to: not judge others, ask, seek, knock; to watch out for false teachers and how to tell the difference between true and false. He then goes on to tell us that if we follow his words then we are like a man that builds his house upon the rock. The storms come, the land floods and yet the house itself is still standing.

However if we don't follow His words then we are like the man who builds his house on the sand. As soon as the rain and floods come then the house falls.

To look at this in more depth we need to think about the storm and the flood. The storms of life can sometimes come at us like a hurricane, bending us below the weight of them. Then the flood comes to try and take us out from underneath, testing your foundations to see if they are strong. If you have a life built on the Word of God and with prayer, then no matter how heavy the storm feels, or how high the floods rise, you will stand firm because you're standing on the rock that calmed the storm.

However if you do not have a life built on God and His Word then you might as well be standing on the sand. When the storm comes you'll be pushed down further into that sand, only for the floods to take your shifting foundation out from under your feet. Not only causing cracks from above but wiping the whole building out in one big crash.

So I urge you to check your foundation. Ensure you are stood on the rock, not sinking in the sand.

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