Thursday 18th July 2019 - Daily Reading:
Matthew 17:14-27 Down the Mountain - by Becky Brooks

When Moses came down the mountain after encountering the glory of God, he found the Israelites worshipping a golden calf. When Jesus came down after the Transfiguration, he found scenes of chaos, as the disciples had completely failed to cast out a demon because of their lack of faith.

When the Kingdom of God is fully established, we will experience the glory of God all of the time but, for now, we hunger after glimpses of glory and then have to return to the ‘real world’. How often have you experienced the presence of the Lord during worship on a Sunday but then come back to earth with a bump on Monday morning? Or perhaps you’ve been away at a Christian event or conference and felt transformed and renewed, only to come home and find it all somehow slipping away?

If we are not careful, our Christian lives can become a roller coaster of highs and lows, delighting in the presence of God one day, and then drifting away in despair the next. This kind of inconsistency is not good for us, and it makes it hard for us to serve God faithfully. We may begin to wonder if our faith is as strong as we thought it was.

Faith is not a feeling. Our faith is not strongest when we are feeling great, or feeling happy, or feeling close to God. Our walk with Christ is not only for special events and exciting worship times. God is as close to us on Monday as he was on Sunday. He is as much our Lord at home as he was at the exciting conference.

We can give thanks for the glimpses of glory that God sometimes gives us, but our ministry for him is here on earth. He is present by his Holy Spirit all of the time. May he grow our faith so that we can be consistent followers in every season.

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