Wednesday 17th July 2019 - Daily Reading:
Matthew 17:1-13 Mountains - by Becky Brooks

Climbing a mountain is not a task to be taken lightly. It isnít something that can be done half-heartedly. It will take preparation, perseverance, strength and courage, and the rewards are only really felt when you finally make it to the top.

Perhaps this is why God more than once required individuals to climb the mountain before he met with them. Moses and Elijah both had encounters with God on the mountain, and here Jesus takes his three closest followers up another mountain.

On the mountain, the three disciples received a revelation that was extraordinary. God needs to know that we mean business and that we are prepared to put our heart and soul into following a sometimes difficult path if he is to entrust us with such a powerful revelation. This would be an experience that these three men would remember for the rest of their lives. In fact, it would change the course of their lives.

Not all hard roads are wrong roads. In fact, Jesus said that the road that led to destruction was broad Ė you can imagine that it would be wide, smooth and easy to walk. The road that leads to life, and to that encounter with God, is narrow, and it may be steep, rocky and mountainous. It will take faith, perseverance and courage to walk it but, once you reach the summit you may, like these three disciples, be rewarded with a moment with God that will define your whole lifetime.

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