Friday 1st June 2018 - Daily Reading:
Judges 14 - Holy Spirit 5 by Becky White

Do we think of the Holy Spirit working in miracle power as something that only happened after Pentecost? This short excerpt from Samsonís life blows that idea out of the water.

In this chapter, the Holy Spirit enables him to do amazing feats: tearing a lion apart, and later killing 30 men. In the next chapter Samson is taken prisoner, but the Spirit of God comes on him again, and the ropes that are binding him melted away from him and he was freed.

Today, we probably donít expect to see lions being ripped apart on a regular basis. Perhaps we are more comfortable with the history of Bezalel, who was filled with the Spirit of God to anoint him for works of craftsmanship, in working precious metals and precious jewels and in cutting stones and crafting with wood (Ex 31:1-5).

Either way, we see even in the Old Testament that the Spirit of God would fall upon individuals and enable them with supernatural abilities to complete a specific task, or handle a particular situation.

Samson was a special person, set aside for God from the beginning of his life, but we know nothing of Bezalel. Was he already a craftsman, who God elevated for this particular service in the Tabernacle? Maybe, but what we do know is that he stood ready to serve. We learn that if we set ourselves aside for the Lord, and if we are ready to serve him, we can expect that the Holy Spirit will accompany us, sometimes with supernatural abilities and signs.

Lord God, I ask that you would fit me for service in your Kingdom. Thank you that when you call a person, you also equip them by your Holy Spirit. May I respond to your call, and receive your equipping today.

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