Wednesday 3rd April 2019 - Daily Reading:
John 2 part 2 - by Andy McCulloch

So, Jesus basically kicks off in the temple in a show of zeal for His Father's house. Please notice for now His different ways of dealing with a) the sheep and oxen; b) the coins and tables of the moneychangers; and c) the doves.

Verse 19, where Jesus actually cites His future resurrection as the sign to authorise His actions in the temple, tells us that whilst Jesus is only really just setting off in terms of His earthly ministry (we're in chapter 2), ultimately He knows all about the fulfilment of the Masterplan! He's saying here, "I've come to bring something new - My Kingdom. You will hate me for it, even seek to destroy me, but I will not be beaten! I am consumed with passion for my church. The plan is perfect and it will succeed. I will redeem mankind, despite the cost, resolutely showing grace upon grace. I will triumph in every way. The sail is set."

Well now, if Jesus speaks of Himself as the temple and He's just been angry at what He's found on His visit to the temple (building) at what His Father's house had been made into, our question might be, 'What kind of house are we? A house of... what?'

Does anything need driving out by Jesus (like sheep and oxen), need emptying (like the coins), need overturning (like the tables), or need removal by ourselves (like the doves)? Jesus has a great passion for you too, as the sanctuary of God. It is a house of prayer that Jesus was hoping to find at the temple, so let us re-dedicate to prayer, let's each ask God to re-invigorate our prayer life with renewed passion today.

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