Tuesday 31st October 2017 - Bible verse:
John 1:1-14, Matthew 5:13-16 Be light because He is light by Karen Cowling

Today as we know is Halloween. We cannot get away from it in the shops, on TV adverts and in our schools. It is everywhere and it is growing. Why? Part may be because the world is becoming darker, and part because the world is getting more and more blind to the darkness. The devil has done a good job at convincing the world that he is interesting and 'fun'. That dressing up as things of the occult is something that children and adults can enjoy.

As followers of Christ we are aware that this glorifying of the devil is not good, and so we should come to a point of prayer. Today we need to think about how Jesus is light, and that we too are called to be light. In John we read how Jesus came from God and was the light that came into the world. The darkness did not recognise the light but it also did not overcome it. We have this light now within us; a glowing light of God that can show Jesus to those around us.

As a result of having this light within us Jesus tells us in Matthew how we are to do that. We are not to hide our light away, we are to place it on view so that those around us can too be illuminated by it. We need to be that city on the hill that cannot be hidden.

So today pray:
Father God we want to thank you for this nation, thank you for our town. Jesus thank you that you are light and that you came into this world to give us light. We pray that you would please help us to reveal this light to this town, to this nation. We pray for those who do not know you and are taking part in Halloween activities, that you would protect the children, and that you would speak to people, and that they would begin to see the light and not just dwell in the darkness. We ask this inn your name Jesus. Amen.

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