Monday 20th November 2017 - Bible verse:
Isaiah 40 A Plan Set in Motion by Richard Cowling

With Christmas fast approaching we are going to look at some ‘advent’ type passages. Christmas has become such a commercialised and main stream holiday that a lot of people associate the story of Jesus’ birth with the same reality as Santa. This deception helps the devil to steer people away from the truth and reason behind this time of the year.

The whole of the Old Testament points forward to the coming of Jesus, and here in Isaiah 40 we get a glimpse of the awesomeness of God mixed with his mercy and grace. We can read how he has weighed the islands of the earth as though they were dust; how he could hold all the waters in the hollow of his hand. Yet he has a plan, and declares comfort over Jerusalem, comfort to his people.

In verses 3-5 we see a revelation of John the Baptist, of how he was that “voice of one calling in the wilderness, prepare the way for the LORD”. We see how God’s sovereign plan is to make a straight and level path for those who love Him, to go on and come close to Him. God Himself is revealing a way for a sinful people to get close to a Holy God. That way is through the sacrifice of His son. A Son who at this time had not yet come onto the earth, but was in preparation.

Verses 9-11 say how it is to be shouted on the mountaintop and declared over the towns “Here is your God”. We know this was actually fulfilled when Jesus came, as the angels declared it to the shepherds on the mountain top above the town, and even the stars in the heavens lit up to declare the coming of the King.

We are told how he will rule us with a mighty arm and yet love and care for us tenderly, gathering us in His arms, and carrying us close to his heart.

As you go about your day, thank God that he has an eternal plan, and that His eternal plan was set in motion and continues to carry us though until the time when we will stand before Him.

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