Tuesday 21st November 2017 - Bible verse:
Genesis 3 A Big Bad Reason by Richard Cowling

Jesus came into this world because we needed him to. From the very beginning we have been a sinful, selfish race. In Genesis 3 we read how the serpent, a physical representation of the devil, persuaded Eve to take fruit from the tree of the knowledge of good and evil. Though we canít just lay all the blame at the devils door. No, Eve herself has a case to answer for. Eve changed and exaggerated Godís word to her husband and herself. She said that God had said ĎYou must not eat fruit from the tree that is in the middle of the garden, and you must not touch it, or you will die.í

Her exaggeration of not even being able to touch it, combined with the persuasive argument that God was being mean and wanted to withhold something from them, tipped the scales and made her reach forward. I can imagine that she touched the fruit and in her head made a good sounding argument, that because she hadnít dropped down dead the second her fingers felt the flesh of the fruit, then maybe God was lying. I am sure we all know that one person that if you said to them Ďdonít press the red buttoní they would press it immediately! She then handed some to her husband, who without argument had let her be led astray and then joined her in the sin. Adam, who was supposed to be the carer and maintainer of Godís perfect garden had let his guard slip very quickly.

God came and stood among them. He would have known where they were hiding, and would have known why, and yet he makes them own up to their mistake. Adam and Eve try to pass the blame down the line. Adam blames Eve, Eve blames the serpent, neither wanted to admit to their Creator that they did something bad out of their own free will. Often we try to pass the blame and find outside influences as reasons for our failing other than the sin within.

God tells Adam, Eve and the serpent his plan, that the serpent will be against woman and her son, that her son will crush the serpents head and that he will strike his heal. Godís plan revealed, Satan will try to destroy Jesus, and did try, not just through Judas at the end, but throughout his whole time on earth. Yet Jesus has the victory! He has crushed sin and death beneath his feet, and He is now seated back at the right hand of God, waiting for that point when he will judge the whole earth.

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