Wednesday 23rd November 2016 - Daily Reading:
Genesis 3 - Walking in the Spirit By Alan Mills

Yesterday we saw that God is love. We also considered how His image of us compares with the image we might have of ourselves. If, like me, you saw a different image to what God sees then you were probably relieved to know that the process of becoming what we were created to be (love) is a walk with the Holy Spirit who helps us along the way. Our new image is already complete in Christ but our new identity as a child of God can only become a reality in our lives as we step into our new image and learn to walk in it.

Today, I want to look at a particular word in scripture that is highly significant to what we’ve just read. One theory that I’ve heard expressed is that Adam walked with God in the cool of the day. This comes from Genesis 3:8 where it says that “God walked in the cool of the day” and it is assumed that before the fall Adam also walked with God in the cool of the day. The Hebrew word used here for “cool” is the word “ruach” which means breath or spirit. Before the fall then, Adam was blessed to walk in the Holy Spirit, a blessing that was also lost in the fall.

The devil’s plan was to break that relationship through sin and cause Adam to lose that blessing... Unfortunately, Satan succeeded and in mankind’s fallen state this blessing was now gone. However, having had Adam’s original image restored to us, this relationship is also restored. We can now enjoy the blessing of walking in the Holy Spirit as Adam did, allowing Him to help us as we grow into our new identity of love. Sadly, for many of us, being as Jesus is in this world (1 John 4:17) is attempted without the knowledge of our new identity and instead we rely on the only thing we do know; our old, sinners identity. The outcome of this resembles the struggle described in Romans 7:18-19, doing things that we don’t want to do and not doing the things we want to do.

Another concept that I have heard taught is that we have two natures, or identities, an old self and a new self. This is simply not true! 2 Corinthians 5:2 makes this crystal clear where it says “Therefore, if anyone is in Christ, the new creation has come: The old has gone, the new is here!” This is really good news, Praise God! Tomorrow we’ll look at what the sinner’s identity consists of.

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