Wednesday 22nd November 2017 - Bible verse:
Genesis 15 A Covenant Cut by Richard Cowling

We fast forward several generations and come to an old man stood in his tent in the desert. Abram (meaning father) is stood talking to the Almighty God. God tells him how He is Abramís shield, and his very great reward. Abram wonders how in his old age God can still do something with his life that would show this reward.

So God tells him to go outside and look up.

Have you ever looked at the sky on a clear night? Karen once told me how in Romania she had looked up at the clear nightís sky. With no light pollution, in the pitch blackness of the night, the sky was too awesome for words. There were big stars, little stars and tiny dots that look like pinpricks of light. This is the sky that Abram would have seen, not the one we see in our developed cities. Then God asks him to count them! There is no humanly possible way that Abram would have been able to do this. There are just too many. God goes on to say how his offspring will be as many as this.

This alone for any man would have been impossible to comprehend, yet Abram was very old, and so was his wife, and they had no children. Abram questions if it will be a servant in his house that he could adopt and so call his son, who will inherit this promise. God says NO! It will be a son, his own flesh and blood who will be his heir. Abram still questions and wants to have some kind of security in this promise.

God instructs Abram to get certain animals so that he can cut a covenant with him. Abram did this, cutting each animal in half and laying them on either side of a Ďpathí. He watched over them, ensuring that wild animals didnít come and eat them. When Abram fell asleep God told him how his descendants were going to wander in the desert, how they were going to eventually become servants of Egypt, and that God would eventually pull them out of there and punish the Egyptians very severely, and how they will return to where he now is lay and take position of that land. God also tells him how he wonít see any of this as he will die at an old age, but before these events. The Spirit of God then passes through the cut animal pieces, showing His promise to Abram cannot be broken.

If you come to God through Christ you are one of these promised children of Abram (later Abraham) as he is the father of faith, and of those who live by faith. He believed God and it was credited to him as righteousness.

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