Monday 21st May 2018 - Daily Reading:
Esther 7 - The King's Favour by Becky White

To say that Haman is not having a good day would be a huge understatement. His morning was spent parading his enemy Mordecai around the streets proclaiming his honour, the afternoon saw him caught out for plotting against the Jews, and by the evening he was dead.

In this final stage of Haman’s downfall, Esther’s courage continues to shine through. We have seen her risk her life to come into the King’s presence, and now we see her openly identify with the Jewish people.

Haman has previously convinced Xerxes that the Jews are subversive and rebellious, refusing to honour the king or obey his laws. It was Xerxes himself, after all, who agreed to a decree that would result in the Jews’ destruction. Now here was Esther openly admitting that she, herself, was one of those people.

But Esther does not come under condemnation. In fact, when she mentions Haman’s name, he is immediately terrified. Why? Because he knows that Esther has the king’s favour and this is a powerful thing. Like Esther, we too have the favour of the king – not King Xerxes, but God himself!

Just like Esther, we are granted the privilege of approaching his presence, gaining his listening ear. Just like Esther, we may pour out our troubles and concerns before him. And just like Esther, we can expect to hear a just response – in fact how much more just and righteous is the Lord than any earthly king!

We didn’t earn these privileges by anything we did, but by the saving work of Jesus on the cross. Let us thank him today for his great sacrifice, and for the favour of God that he has earned for us.

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