Wednesday 16th May 2018 - Daily Reading:
Esther 4 - For Such a Time as This by Becky White

The tension rises. The edict has been issued. The Jewish people throughout the kingdom are sentenced to death. Only Esther can intervene.

She is, not surprisingly, reluctant, since to enter the Kingís presence without an invitation could mean a death sentence, but Mordecai does not pull his punches. There is no doubt that the Lord will protect his people somehow Ė if not through Esther, then through another method Ė but Esther and her family would not survive.

Esther is Plan A. Mordecai is sure that God will deliver his people even if Esther does not rise to the challenge, but Esther has surely been given her royal position for such a time as this.

This crucial moment in history was Estherís time. Today is your time. Are you where God needs you to be? Are you willing to submit to his call?

Rest assured that God will see that his will is done, but maybe today, you are his Plan A for a particular situation. Maybe you are the one who needs to speak out against injustice, or the one who needs to witness to that person, or the one who needs to be on your knees praying and fasting.

We often think of Godís call on our lives only in crucial, life-changing decisions. But many decisions happened before Esther found herself preparing to see the King. There was Mordecaiís decision to take her in and raise her, the decision to put herself forward as a potential queen, the decision to send a servant to find the source of Mordecaiís distress.

The decisions we make today will have implications for tomorrow and all the days that follow. No day is insignificant in the Kingdom of God. Every moment is in his hands. Who knows but that you may be where you are, when you are, for such a time as this.

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