Monday 21st November 2016 - Daily Reading:
Ephesians 1:3-14 - Who Do You Think You Are? By Alan Mills

Who we are in Christ, our true identity, is a crucial understanding that we need to have if we are to represent Jesus well in the world. This devotional is intended to offer practical help for us as His witnesses.

First, I want to look at the purpose of Godís will through the Cross. When Christ found me, the message of the Cross I was presented with was (in a nutshell) that Jesus died on the Cross to save sinners, of whom I was one, and that if I said a prayer I would be saved from an eternity in hell and instead would go to heaven when I died. Whilst this is true for us when we become Christians, Iíve come to understand and believe that the good news of the Cross is so much more than that.

Letís go back to Genesis 1:26 where God, speaking to the Son and Holy Spirit, said, ďLet us make mankind in Our image, according to Our likeness;Ē When they looked at Adam (mankind) they saw themselves in him. Their image in Adam formed the basis of mankindís created identity. We looked like them!

Genesis 2:25 tells us that before the fall Adam was naked and unashamed but after the fall, Genesis 3:9-10 says that he saw that he was naked and hid because he was afraid. What had changed? He now saw a different image of himself.

In Matthew 18:11 (NASB), Jesus said that the Son Of Man had come to save that which was lost. He didnít say that He came to save those who were lost. I suggest that Jesus wasnít just referring to lost souls here but also to manís created image which was now lost in the sense that it was so marred and disfigured by sin that Adam could no longer see it. It had been replaced by a different image which gave mankind a different identity, that of a sinner.

Tomorrow weíll look at what mankindís original image looked like.

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