Thursday 23rd November 2017 - Bible verse:
Deuteronomy 18:14-22 Listen to Him who is Raised Up by Richard Cowling

Moses is giving the final instructions to the Israelites before he dies. We have gone past the events that God informed Abram of when he made a covenant with him; and now we stand at the other end of that, ready to go back into the land where the promise was given. They have been warned just before these verses to not practice the occult and told how the nations they are going to do follow these practices. However they are to be different; set apart.

Moses prophesies about the eventual coming of Jesus; of how God will put His own words in His mouth and how we are to listen to him. He will be from amongst the Israelites, a physical relation to them, and yet internally God. They probably assumed this would be immediately, and to be fair to the Israelites, God did continue to speak to them through anointing certain people with his Holy Spirit. Yet the Prophet that God speaks of will come much later, yet at the time when he is needed the most.

God goes on to say how he will hold people who do not listen to him accountable. This will happen at the end of the world when Jesus returns.

Moses goes on to speak Godís warning of false prophets and of how we are not to just follow them but to test and see if what they say is from God.

As we prepare for Christmas, remember that the words Jesus spoke to us were not just nice words for good ways of living, but direct words from the Father. We need to listen to these words, and not just listen but do the instructions that are within them. Make Jesusí words our way of living.

Thank you God that you want to, and continue to, speak to us through your Word and your Holy Spirit.

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