Thursday 16th June 2016 - Daily Reading:
2 Samuel 6 - Joy in Obedience

This chapter in 2 Samuel describes what happened when King David brought the Ark of the Covenant to Jerusalem, symbolically bringing the presence of God himself to David’s own city. We read that, “David and all Israel were celebrating with all their might before the Lord” with a variety of instruments.

But then things turned sour and David’s celebrations turned to anger as Uzzah was struck down after touching the Ark. David was so angry and fearful that he simply left the Ark at someone’s house for three months.

Perhaps during that time, he realised what had gone wrong. David had failed to obey God’s specific instructions about the Ark. He had ordered it carried on a cart instead of using the poles that God had told Moses to make. If David had not approached the Ark in such a casual way, there would have been no oxen to stumble and Uzzah would never have touched the Ark to steady it.

On the second attempt, David took his obedience to God’s commands more seriously, and all went well. This time, David’s exuberant praise was not dampened. We read that he “was dancing before the Lord with all his might”. Far from obedience to God being difficult or boring, King David found that doing things God’s way brought him enormous joy and caused him to praise “with all his might”.

The more we seek after God’s heart, the more we learn to hear his voice and obey it, the more we experience his joy in our lives. And praise and worship naturally follows.

Is your worship faltering? Do you find it hard to fully enter into praising God? It might be a good time to ask the Lord to reveal any areas of your life that are not submitted to him, or any areas where you, like King David, have become casual about God’s holiness. Do not feel condemned! Even King David needed a reset from time to time. Whatever our state, God is able!

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