Tuesday 14th August 2018 - Daily Reading:
2 Corinthians 3:7-13 - Beholding His Glory 1 – by Brenda Critchley

The Apostle Paul, as he writes to the Corinthian Church, wants to tell them about the glory they can experience in their new faith. He starts with what they understand, which is the Old Testament account of how Moses spent time in God’s presence and then returned to the people with his face glowing so brightly with the glory of God they were afraid to look at him. We can read this in Exodus 34:29-35.

We find there that Moses, after he had spent time in God’s presence, told the people what God had said and then took to putting a veil over his face until the glory had faded. This happened each time he went into God’s presence where God gave him more commands for the people. Sadly, the Old Testament glory that Moses experienced was part of him bringing the law to the people, which only showed them how sinful they were. He says in verse 9 that this ministry which came with such glory condemned people.

In verse 10 Paul tells us that the glory they experienced in the Old Testament, wonderful as it was, doesn’t compare to the glory we have in Christ. The first faded quickly away, but the glory in Christ lasts forever, and far surpasses the glory Moses experienced. He goes on to say that knowing this makes us very bold. We can step out in faith and serve the Lord in this everlasting glory.

In verse 14, Paul is still using the picture of a veil to describe the state of mind of the Israelites, that it made their minds dull. Now if we find that our minds are ‘dull’ – what a horrible dead, boring kind of word that is – we’re not getting it; we’re not understanding the truth; we are not receiving the revelation of the Gospel. He says it’s still the same today. There’s only one way the veil that brings dullness can be removed, and that is in Jesus. We need to look to Jesus if we want to experience this surpassing and everlasting glory.

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