Tuesday 29th November 2016 - Daily Reading:
2 Corinthians 10 - Think About What You Are Thinking About! By Alan Mills

Today we’ll begin exploring the process of walking in our new identity of love.

Our thought life is where we begin when we put the knowledge of our new identity into practice. Every thought, word and deed begins with a thought. Yes, even the things we think about begin with a thought that can cause us to think about them further. However, thoughts originate in one of three places. They either come from God, from our own mind, or from the devil. We often don’t consider where thoughts come from before we act on them but it is absolutely vital in order for us to know whose thoughts we are responding to.

The enemy works very hard to convince us to accept his thoughts of sin, which are only temptation and not sin, as our own thoughts. However, as we saw earlier, thoughts come from three sources. God doesn’t have sinful thoughts and we, newly created in His image, don’t have them either so the only place they can come from is Satan. For example, imagine someone tells us that they think something that we’ve done is wonderful. The devil’s temptation here might be to send a thought about how wonderful we are. If we accept this thought as our own we can easily become puffed up with pride. I know I can.

In this example, because we neglected to think about where the thought came from, we failed to take it captive when it popped in and accepted it as our own. If we had thought about where the thought came from we would have seen it was from Satan and could have taken it captive right there, ignoring the temptation to pride and choosing to put on humility. When we choose from what is available to us in our new identity, the Holy Spirit releases His power to help us so that our witness won’t reflect the pride from our old nature but will reflect the humility of Christ. The discipline of thinking about what we are thinking about is one that we really do need to practice. Like any discipline, this takes time but be encouraged to allow the Holy spirit to help you to persevere.

We’ll look tomorrow at the common question “Is sinning normal for Christians?”

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