Thursday 23rd June 2016 - Daily Reading:
1 Samuel 16:14 - 23 - The Power of Praise

Today, we return to David, but at a much earlier point in his life. Before David was King, Saul held that position. But Saul did not walk in full obedience to God and so here we read that Godís spirit had left him and, instead, he was troubled by an evil spirit.

I wonder how David must have felt as he approached King Saul, carrying his lyre (a type of harp) in his nervous hands. Only recently, the prophet Samuel had anointed David as the next king, and yet Saul was still king, and David was here to serve him. I wonder if his hands shook as he played his first few notes.

Whatever the state of Davidís nerves, we learn that whenever he played his lyre, the evil spirit would leave Saul. In fact, Saul was so impressed by David that he made him one of his armour bearers.

Music can have a powerful effect on our emotions. It can stir us up or calm us down. But here, there were other factors at play. Saulís distress was not just his own emotional state, but caused by an evil spirit, and David, a righteous man, was able to play music that caused the spirit to leave Saul. God was certainly at work here through David.

Our praise of God is powerful. When we declare Godís glory and honour him with our praise, it sends a message out to all the spiritual beings around: our God is Lord; our God is worthy of praise; his name is higher than any other name; there is nobody before him on earth or in the spiritual realms.

If, like Saul, you are troubled and distressed, then praise God! If you feel overwhelmed by problems and difficulties in your life, then praise God! If it seems as though the enemy has his sights set on you, then praise God, praise God, praise God!

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