We are Creche!

children in newbold creche

On a Sunday morning, when the Sunday School leave the main service for their own activities, the newborns to three year olds bounce into crèche for some fun!

We run a three week rota, so the kids have familiar, friendly faces to greet them and the toys are already set out for play! We sometimes have singing and dancing, we like colouring and sticking and enjoy a bible story time. Snack time is always a favourite!

We are called to pass on the things of God to the next generation and this starts with these littlies!

We have just moved into our new room and have made our own sign to decorate the walls.

There’s usually 4 or 5 toddlers and pre schoolers and 2 or 3 babies. We have comfy chairs for feeding mums too.


Every Sunday 10:30 am

Sunday 6 pm (As announced)

How to find us

Andy McCulloch


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