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Located in Rochdale about 15 miles north East of Manchester, Newbold Baptist Church is a lively charismatic Baptist Church. With an 80 strong congregation, our church has a membership of people of all ages, from tiny babies to ‘Great’ Grandparents in their 80s. Creche, Explorers, Discovery and Young People’s Fellowship cram 20 – 30 kids in each week who are very much encouraged to be part of the church today. We enjoy a family atmosphere with people from many different backgrounds and walks of life including travellers, those from Asian, African and European countries and those who travel from neighbouring Oldham! We all have Jesus in common.

Our church is on the edge of the Newbold estate, which is in the top 10% of most deprived areas in the UK, so we have a number of social outreach activities to interact with the local community including a long running playgroup, a 1.30 Club for the Over 60’s and a Kidz Klub for those with bundles of Saturday morning energy. Litter picking, town centre evangelism and connections with the local businesses gives us chance to chat to people about what goes on in the building with the funny shaped roof!

Our mission field doesn’t stop on our doorstep, with missionaries in Romania and China and many other connections all over the world.

Coronavirus Statement

As elders, we are in full agreement that meetings, if held, would contradict government guidance and this is a step we are reluctant to take. Therefore, until further notice, all gatherings are to cease with immediate effect. Our responsibility is to try to best look after those under our care and we want you to be safe. The government has highlighted some vulnerable groups which need special care at this time and we are keen to provide exactly this in every way possible.
Alternative arrangements are being worked on and we will issue fuller information for the church on our Quiet Times page in the next few days to advise of these provisions. Thank-you.

The Elders

welcome to newbold

Welcome to Newbold

We'd like to take the opportunity to introduce ourselves here at Newbold Baptist Church. We welcome you to our church either as a first-time visitor or as part of our local community. We'd love you to come to know us a little better too. ... more >>

sunday school at newbold baptist church

Sunday School

On Sunday mornings there are lots of activities for children from 0 to 16 years in our lively, action packed crèche, Sunday School and Young People’s group... more >>

newbold mission work


Newbold have long standing links with Christian charitable works in Romania. Networks works on the West side of Romania to try to alleviate poverty, and enable transformation in individuals and communities by meeting physical, emotional and spiritual needs. more >>

newbold church services


Sunday mornings have a real family feel with children and adults of all ages taking part in the worship, singing, prayer and Bible readings. There are lots of activities for children from 0 to 16 years in our lively, action packed crèche, Sunday School... more >>

women together - ladies group

Women Together

Women Together (Ladies Group) meets once a month at church. We’re excited for what God has in store for us ladies so join us for future meetings, come with big expectant hearts! Don’t forget your bible,notebook and pen... more >>

newbold playgroup

Play Group

The Playgroup has been established for over 15 years. It offers a fun and friendly environment for children aged 2 to 4 years old to learn and play. The staff team are well qualified and experienced in working with pre-school children... more >>

youth discipleship group

Discipleship Group

How does a Disciple grow? Worship, Prayer, Witness, Fellowship, Knows Jesus more >>

the sewing bees sewing group

The Sewing Bees

Sewing group meeting one Saturday each month, undertaking charity projects but you can also bring your own projects... more >>

newbold baptist church photograph of church

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Who is God? Steve Pilkington tells us from the Bible

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Seeking His Presence - David and the Ark

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YPF - Fishers of Men - The Movies

What if Jesus had this response when he first asked his disciples?

As Jesus was walking beside the Sea of Galilee, he saw two brothers, Simon called Peter and his brother Andrew. They were casting a net into the lake, for they were fishermen. “Come, follow me,” Jesus said, “and I will send you out to fish for people.” At once they left their nets and followed him. more >>


Verse of the Day


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Newbold Christian Video Production

What Love is NOT - This is how I know what love is

Michelle dreads her husband coming home at night. Will he be in a good mood or will he hit her again? She is ready to leave her violent husband but what will become of her? Then she meets the lady at the bus stop and her life changes in a way she could never imagine. A Christian music video telling of God's love through Jesus Christ.


healey dell family friendly walk 7th sept 2019

Walking Group - Healey Dell 7th September 2019

N4:14 Prayer Breakthrough - Latest

N4:14 Prayer Breakthrough - Latest

hungary mission trip oct 2019

Hungary Mission Trip October 2019

praise fest 6th oct 2019

Praise Fest 6th October 2019

greenbooth family friendly walk 12th Oct 2019

Walking Group - Greenbooth 12th October 2019

greenbooth family friendly walk 9th nov 2019

Walking Group - Greenbooth 9th November 2019

Women Together meeting 26th Nov 2019

Women Together Meeting 26th Nov 2019

Claudio Coquet visiting preacher 8th December 2019

Claudio Coquet visiting preacher 8th Dec 2019

christmas praise fest 15th dec 2019

Christmas Praise Fest 15th December 2019

christmas nativity 22nd dec 2019

Christmas Nativity 22nd December 2019

ashworth valley family friendly walk 11th January 2020

Walking Group - Ashworth Valley - January 2020

shapoor ahmadi

women together curry night

Women Together Curry Night 28th Jan 2020

a hunger for prayer

A Hunger for Prayer - January 2020

shapoor ahmadi 8pm weds 5th feb

Shapoor Ahmadi - 8pm Weds 5th February 2020

healey dell family friendly walk 8th february 2020

Walking Group - Healey Dell - February 2020

ladies group women together 25th feb 2020

Women Together - 25th February 2020


Rochdale Street PastorsWynne Goss Ministries, Bridgend, Wales

Generation Builders Ministries, Kingston upon HullBridges Rochdale - Serving Adults at Risk

Operation HopeQuestion Mark

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Coronavirus pandemic

during this pandemic if you are in need of help call the telephone number


Forthcoming Events

zoom sunday morning meeting online

Zoom Sunday Morning Meeting - 5th April 2020

zoom women together meeting online

Zoom Women Together Meeting - 7th April 2020

spring harvest home - coming soomn

Spring Harvest More - 13th - 15th April 2020


Worship Songs

set a fire worship songs

Set a Fire · Will Reagan · United Pursuit

goodness of god worship songs

Goodness Of God (LIVE) - Jenn Johnson | VICTORY

see a victory & surrounded worship songs

See a Victory & Surrounded Worship Songs 24th March 2020


Recent Events

zoom women together meeting online

Zoom Women Together Meeting - 7th April 2020

zoom women together meeting online

Zoom Women Together Meeting - 7th April 2020

zoom fun evening online

Zoom Fun Evening - 3rd April 2020

zoom sunday morning meeting online

Zoom Sunday Morning Meeting - 29th March 2020

zoom fun evening - the photographs

Zoom Fun Evening - The photographs - 27th March 2020

zoom fun evening

Zoom Fun Evening - 7pm - 27th March 2020

zoom housegroup this evening

Web meeting - 8pm - 26th March 2020

web meeting - keeping in touch during the Coronavirus crisis - 25th march 2020

Web meeting - keeping in touch during the Coronavirus crisis - 25th March 2020

mccullochs - a different type of sunday morning - 22nd march 2020

McCullochs - A Different Sunday morning 22nd March 2020

hollingworth lake family friendly walk 14th march 2020

Walking Group - Hollingworth Lake - March 2020


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